Introducing Ranney Michaels

Ranney Michaels is not your typical Firm. We are an Architect led Design/Build Firm. What this means in layman terms is that we do all the Architectural and Design work and in addition provide full Construction Services on our projects.

Imagine your Architect being at your jobsite everyday. There is a constant flow of communication between the intended design and the reality of building it. We are on the job to see, examine and determine the best ways to achieve each step of the building process.

By being so intimately involved with the actual construction, we are very aware of the best ways to achieve the desired design for ease of construction and its effects on budget. Our Sub-Contractors work with us as a unified Team. This approach results in a happy crew who enjoys working together to produce great projects.

Some of the Benefits to Owners include:

  • Single Source Responsibility and Accountability.
  • Earlier and more accurate Budgeting and Cost Control.
  • Value Engineering at Conceptual Stages rather than after the project design is complete.
  • Shortened Design and Construction time.
  • High level of Quality Control with the Architect in charge of construction representing the owners interests.

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