Ranney gives “A Better Chance”

This summer Ranney Michaels had the opportunity to redesign and remodel the A Better Chance House in Westport. The goal was to start in June when school ended and be completed as close as possible to the start of the school year. That gave us two months to complete a four month project. We worked throughout the summer break and received the CO for move-in in September.

The house needed work to replace cabinets and appliances that had far surpassed their life expectancies and to accommodate the actual number of people living in the house.  In addition to the time constraints, another of the challenges was that because of its use, the building falls under commercial codes. This meant fire separations, sprinklers and accessibility. The project included an addition which houses a Rec Room and Mud Room on the ground level. Above on the First Floor, we did a complete remodel and expansion of the Kitchen and Dining Room. The Addition included a New Office, Study, Full Bath, Powder Room and Upper Mud Room.

Our goal on the exterior of the house was to make the addition seem a natural part of the original house not revealing that any expansion had occurred. We matched the old brick and materials of the original house and reworked the patio and stone walls in the rear.

The Resident Directors and students have moved back in. They can all fit around the dining room table now and even gather together in the kitchen for snacks after school or while dinner is underway. The appliances are suitable for preparing and cooking for twelve people on a daily basis. With durability and efficiency in mind, we were even able to custom design several aesthetically pleasing features and furniture items to meet their needs.

A special thank you to all the Material Suppliers and Sub-Contractors who not only gave of their time, but also contributed to the cause with greatly reduced rates to help achieve this project.

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